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About Me

你好! Hello! I'm currently a postgraduate in the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University, adivised by Cheng-Jun Wang. I'm also a member of Computational Communication Collaboratory, Nanjing University. My interests focus on Computational Social Science, Social Physics, Link Prediction, and Causal Inference. My studies have been presented or accepted by Physica A, ACM Web Science Conference. I had two full-time internship at DiDi Chuxing (Data Analysis intern) and Bytedance (HRBP intern). Click on the purple highlighted text, you will get more information.



Paper <Peeking Strategy for Online News Diffusion Prediction via Machine Learning is accepted by Physica A> is accepted by Physica A.


Our project <Invisible Information Isolation: Measurement of Information Cocoon Degree of Social Media Users> win the first prize of 3rd Communication Data Mining Competition.


I present the paper <Growing Social Networks with High Dense Communities via Friendships> at Annual Conference of Computational Communication Research (CCR'2021).

Recent Works

1. Yaotian Zhang, Mingming Feng, Ke-ke Shang, Yijun Ran, Cheng-Jun Wang *
(2022). Peeking strategy for Online News Diffusion Prediction via Machine Learning. Physica A.

Education Experience


Chongqing University

Bachelor in Journalism, 2020


Nanjing University

Master in Communcation, 2023

I am working on...

  1. Causal Inference - learning the online course <Introduction to Causal Inference> from a machine learning perspective. I will update my learning notes in my github repo. (2022.04)
  2. Narrative Economics - I'm trying to deal with Ethereum NFTs data, this stimulates my interest in Narrative Economics. (2022.03)



163 Xianlin Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 210093